Future Plans

The following charities have already made some use of our premises and seek more support from us –

  • Refugee Action York – provides advice and guidance and educational, social and financial support to those with refugee status and those seeking asylum. At present many are from the Kurdish community.
  • York Homeless support groups
  • York Workplace Chaplaincy
  • Various groups who wish to maintain anonymity at present in order not to affect their use of present premises.

Currently some key charities are paying very substantial sums of money to hire premises which we and they feel could be better spent on community service. Furthermore, while our premises in Priory Street York are ideally suited to work with families and children, being easy to access by public transport and next to the Council for Voluntary Services building, facilities are needed in other locations to serve needy groups which are better kept distinct from families, such as substance abusers. Therefore we seek to work with funding charities who wish to transform the caring landscape via fresh models of support which we can jointly develop.

We are considering various designs which will make best use of the entire church building which occupies three floors. While we wish to preserve the church sanctuary which is in regular use for worship, and also for fund raising concerts and meetings, we wish to set the whole building free from traditional constraints. Imaginative and cost-effective architectural design will be needed to provide space for the charities to undertake their counselling and administrative work well, without intruding on each other or on church activities, while also maximising the opportunities for joint working.

It will be necessary to improve the access to the Foundation and also its security, as it comes to be used during most of the hours of each day of the week.

Currently almost all of the work of our charities is undertaken on a voluntary basis. However, we are currently trying to recruit part-time and paid administrative support for some of the charities since the pressure on volunteers who also have to earn a living can become too great. As the Foundation develops over the next few years we believe that we shall need to employ a full-time person to undertake publicity and fund-raising in addition to providing managerial and administrative support.